Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Time Travellers Wife, Up & GI Joe

The Time Travellers Wife

Didn't know anything about this movie going in. I think I only saw the trailer once. I prepared myself for a boring love story. But the movie is actually quite nice. The story was unique and could have been quite confusing if not told properly. But the film makers did a good job in telling it. And good job for stars Eric Bana & Rachel McAdams. They were able to properly convey to the audience what their characters were going through in their unusual circumstance. It's a nice story and good enough movie to watch.


When you watch an animated movie. You expect some laughs, thrills and a lot of fun. But once in while, a cartoon can also make you cry. This is one of those type of cartoons. Best bring some tissue with you if your the type to cry easily. I nearly broke into tears myself. Luckily I was able to keep it together. Never has a cartoon made me cry since since Bambi's mom was killed.

Not to worry. Though their are some sad moments in this film. There are plenty of fun ones too. It's a very fun and heartwarming movie overall. We're planning to watch it again in 3D.

Oh and if your going to watch this. Do try to enter the cinema early. They're going to show a short animated film before they play Up. It's called 'Partly Cloudy'. It's something you shouldn't miss.

GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra

Ever since I heard they were going make this movie, I was excited for it but wasn't expecting it to be any good. The trailer didn't help lift my hopes up. When it came out, well as expected, certified critics and wanna-be-discussion-forum-critics aren't showing any love for it. But I on the other hand loved it.

This movie somehow brought back the child in me. When I used to watch this everyday when I came home from school. I was highly entertained with the simplicity of a team of heroes fighting a team of villains in an awesome action packed battle involving cool weapons and vehicles. This movie contains all those, and that's all I need to enjoy it. This movie is absolutely crap-tastic and I'm looking forward to a sequel.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Lovely Bones Trailer

The trailer for the 'The Lovely Bones' is out. You can check out the trailer here.

I haven't seen the trailer yet though. I have to wait till I get home because they don't allow video streaming here in the office. I first got curious with this movie when I first read that Peter Jackson bought the rights to the novel and will direct the film. After reading that, I went to Powerbooks at the Greenbelt walkway and bought myself a copy of the novel. Since The Lord Of The Rings director liked the book enough to make a movie out of it. Then it must be an awesome book.

Unfortunately, I've only read half of the book. I got busy of all of a sudden and never found time to finish it. But based on what I've read. The story is rather interesting and it does seem to be nice. The movie comes out in December. Hence, I'm putting reading 'The Lovely Bones' back on top of my to do list.