Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why so Sirius?

I've been wanting and saving up for a laptop for a while now. But expenses here and there always prevented me from buying one sooner. My plan was to get one in December no matter what. But last Saturday, Cza was going to buy one for herself and one for her brother. And so I just went and said 'oh the hell with it. i'm getting one too!'.

Let me introduce you to Sirius...

Why Sirius? Well I originally wanted to give it a girls name. But i think partly because Harry Potter is out in cinemas and that it's colored black. Somehow Sirius Black just seemed to be good name for it. And so I stuck with it.

This entry marks the first of hopefully many entries made with Sirius. It's by far the most exciting entry I've ever made. The picture above was uploaded using Sirius' card reader. We're not up to date with technology here at our house. Our current PC was hip during the stone age. So please have sympathy for me when I say that the card reader, is pretty damn AMAZING!.. hehehe

I like my new toy. Welcome Sirius!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


This was a couple of weeks ago(July 1). Cza and I haven't been going out for dinner for quite some time because we were saving and dieting. So when an oppurtinity came up for us to have dinner at Chilli's in Greenbelt 5. I was overly excited!

Can't remember the names of the food or how much they cost. This night was just more of about having a nice enjoyable evening out with friends.

Here are pics from our evening at Chilli's.

Rex & Belle
Mango Shake

Can't remember the actual name of this dish.
I think it's Chicken w/ Shitake Mushrooms.
Take my word for it. This is GOOOOD!

Me & Cza

Cheese Steak Sandwich

Fish Fillet

Pork Chops

Cha, Rommel & Charles passed by at Chilli's
to say hello. Rommel took this pic. Our friend,
Allantonie, also joined us for dinner later on. I
wasn't able to take a picture of him though. hehe

Choco Lava Cake.
Treated to us by Allantonie.
Thanks Allan!

It just dawned on me, that I've eatin at Chilli's for quite a number of times. And each time I found myself totally satisfied. The food was always excellent. So way to go Chilli's! We'll definitely come back.

type type typin away..

it' s been a while since my last post. i think i have writers block. well mostly i'm just lazy too. i've seen a lot of movies after star trek. i wanted to make an entry about them but couldn't find the strength or words to describe them.. i have a lot of unfinished entries too. such as the rest of our hong kong trip, our boracay trip, food trips, movies, my birthday etc.. not sure why but i just can't seem to to bring myself to type further after i've typed the title.... back in college i read that thte best way to get over writers block is to simply just type. it's also the tip that sean connery gives his student in the movie finding forrester... "ust write. don't think. just write. don' worry about spelling, grammar or anything else.. just write.. you can fix it later".. well that's not how he said it verbatim.. but something like that.. that's basically the point of this entry. hehehe.. just me writing down my thoughts.. typing down whatever comes to mind. it's not as easy as it seems.. it's a loty of fun sure. but the thing is. i have a lot of thoughts that are coming into mymind. and i'm a slow typer. so by the time i get to type a single thought. about 4 thoughts have already come and gone. never to be typed. because my thoughts move faster than my typing speed. howell.. so again.. this is just me. free writing.. if your wondering where im heading with this. well, basically nowhere. hehehehe. just wanted to try something. give it a try. it's actualy fun. no need to worry about proer punctuation, spelling and grammar.. just type.. it's actually quite liberating. hehehe..