Friday, September 4, 2009

District 9

The movie is told as if you were watching a special on the Discovery channel. Your shown news footage's and interviews from experts about the aliens that landed in Johannesburg, South Africa(Finally! The aliens didn't land in America, "The only country aliens seem to land in" hehe ). The aliens, which are referred to as "prawns" because of their appearance, didn't come to conquer or wipe out the human race. Instead, they find themselves unable to go back to they're mother ship and is stuck in our planet. And in typical human fashion, the alien refugees are segregated and are all housed in government camp known as District 9.

Twenty years later, District 9 has turned into the slums. The government has decided to relocate the aliens to an area that's far away from Johannesburg which they've named District 10. As policy, in order to move the aliens, they must be served with relocation papers and sign them. And the man assigned with this task is a government worker named Wikus van de Merwe, who's also main character in this film. The trouble starts when Wikus serves the relocation papers to the aliens. At this point as well, the movie shifts from the news footage to the actual story concerning Wikus. This is also where the fun begins. Don't want to give away what happens next as not to spoil it, but it's fascinating.

No big names in this movie except for producer Peter Jackson. None of the actors are well-known which is why the films style works. The movie presents a different view of humans and aliens. The aliens have superior technology, higher intelligence and strength. But they are not an aggressive race. Primarily because their leaders died and they've got no one to lead them. The villains in this movie are us humans, who wants nothing more than to harness the alien technology. Indeed this is highly unique and awesome film. It's one of the best movies of the year. Go see it!